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In this page, we will explain each options in configuration files.


In this section, we will explain each options in SimpleSSD configuration file. You can download validated configuration files in SSD Configuration Files. Also, you can find sample configuration file which contains all possible options in following paths:

  • SimpleSSD-FullSystem: src/dev/storage/simplessd/config/sample.cfg
  • SimpleSSD-Standalone: simplessd/config/sample.cfg

Host Interface Specific Options

NVMe Specific

Configuration header: [nvme]

Following options are related to PCI Express and FIFO queue between system bus and PCIe PHY. The FIFO queue and PCIe model are based on Xilinx PCIe IP. The size of queue is fixed as 8KB.


Set generation of PCI Express.

Possible values:

0: PCI Express 1.x (2.5GT/s/lane)
1: PCI Express 2.x (5GT/s/lane)
2: PCI Express 3.x (8GT/s/lane)

Set total number of lanes in PCI Express. Recommanded values: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32.


Set bus width of AXI4 bus.

Possible values:

0: 32Bit
1: 64Bit
2: 128Bit
3: 256Bit
4: 512Bit
5: 1024Bit

Set clock of AXI4 bus in Hz.


Default transfer unit of FIFO queue in bytes.

Following options are related to NVMe specification.


Maximum number of I/O Completion Queues.


Maximum number of I/O Submission Queues.


Set parameter of weighted-round-robin.

Medium-priority command will inserted after specified number of high-priority commands inserted.


Set parameter of weighted-round-robin.

Low-priority command will inserted after specified number of medium-priority commands inserted.


If true, create a default and full-sized namespace. If false, no namespace will be created by default. You need to create namespace using nvme create-ns before any I/O.

SATA Specific

Configuration header: [sata]

UFS Specific

Configuration header: [ufs]

Common Options

Following options are related to request handling.


Interval of request handling. Controller will check arrival of new request periodically in specified interval.


Maximum number of requests can be handled in one work interval. Controller will try to handle specified number of requests in one period.


Set logical block size. This should be one of 512, 1024, 2048 and 4096.

Following options are related to disk image.


Enable disk image. You can access disk image file through block device created by SimpleSSD in guest OS if enabled.


If true, the size of disk image should be same with the size of SimpleSSD block device.


Path to disk image. Relative to working directory, not $M5_PATH. If file does not exists, zero-filled file will be created.


If true, write to the block device will not applied to disk image. (disk image is read-only, modifications are stored in memory)

Data Cache Options

Flash Translation Layer Options

Parallelism Abstraction Layer Options

Hardware Options

Embedded CPU



In this section, we will explain each options in simulation configuration file only used in SimpleSSD-Standalone. You can find sample configuration file which contains all possible options in config/sample.cfg.

Global Options

Request Generator Options

Trace Replayer Options