Full-System Files

SSD Configuration Files

We modeled several real SSDs using SimpleSSD.



We performed several black-box tests on real SSDs. All the values in the configuration files are derived from the test results and they may DIFFERENT with configurations of real SSDs.

You can download configuration files from below sections.


Testing environment

For bandwidth and latency error calculation, we used SimpleSSD v2.0.12 with ARM architecture. On the user-level of gem5, we used Flexible I/O Tester to collect the performance of the SimpleSSD. --bs option varies from 4K to 1M and --iodepth option varies from 1 to 64. Error is calculated by |real - sim| / real.


Intel 750 400GB


  • Last tested version: 2.0.12
  • Average bandwidth error: 19.92 % (Seq. Read: 34.97%, Rand. Read: 32.89%, Seq. Write: 8.18%, Rand. Write: 3.65%)
  • Average latency error: 13.9 % (Seq. Read: 21.51%, Rand. Read: 22.47%, Seq. Write: 7.82%, Rand. Write: 3.85%)

Samsung Z-SSD prototype 800GB


  • Last tested version: 2.0.12
  • Average bandwidth error: 12.9 % (Seq. Read: 13.9%, Rand. Read: 7.5%, Seq. Write: 21.2%, Rand. Write: 11.3%)
  • Average latency error: 16.5 % (Seq. Read: 15.3%, Rand. Read: 9.9%, Seq. Write: 27.3%, Rand. Write: 13.7%)

Samsung 983 DCT 1.92TB



With IOD prototype firmware (four namespaces). We only modeled one namespace (480GB).

  • Last tested version: 2.0.3
  • Average bandwidth error: 5.5 % (Read: 6.9%, Write: 4.2%)
  • Average latency error: 5.2 % (Read: 6.3%, Write: 4.1%)


Currently (SimpleSSD v2.0.3), SATA interface is unstable and not validated well. Please keep in mind that current configuration files may inaccurate.

Intel 535 240GB


  • Not validated

Samsung 850 PRO 256GB


  • Last tested version: 2.0.3
  • Average bandwidth error: 34.7 % (Read: 35.5%, Write: 33.9%)
  • Average latency error: 58.5 % (Read: 60.4%, Write: 56.6%)

Software License

The SimpleSSD is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.0.

In the SimpleSSD-FullSystem, we added new features to gem5. These files are distributed under the GPLv3 license. See file of SimpleSSD-FullSystem for more details.


The SimpleSSD uses several external libraries. Each library has its own license. Here is the list of libraries that used by the SimpleSSD.

  • inih: Simple INI file parser written in C.
  • McPAT: Multicore Power Area and Timing calculator.