Open-Source Licensed Full-system SSD Simulator


Welcome to the SimpleSSD website. SimpleSSD is a high-fidelity simulator that models all detailed characteristics of hardware and software, to build up a complete storage stack from scratch and simplify the nondescript features of storage internals. In contrast to existing SSD simulators, it can accommodate a complete storage stack and evaluate the performance of SSDs along with diverse memory technologies and micro-architectures by integrating into publicly-available full system simulator (gem5). Consequently, it allows system designers and architects to explore the full design space at different levels of system abstraction. The SimpleSSD simulation model has been validated with a real devices.

You can download SimpleSSD from Downloads. If you’d like to use the SimpleSSD simulator in your research, please cite our paper. For convenience, here is the Acknowledgement.

Demo Video

Here is the demo video what we used for MICRO 51 presentation. This video includes NVMe and Open-Channel SSD interface demo.